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About Us

Teamwork Consulting

Executive Consulting International headquartered in Washington, DC specializes in the needs of senior executives and corporate leaders who want to achieve breakthrough levels of success.  ECI’s client base ranges from entrepreneurial to well-established Fortune 50 organizations in a wide range of industries. ECI operates primarily in the United States and has provided services in Europe, the Middle East and Asia, Caribbean, Central and South America. ECI also serves as the US representative to foreign based executive coaching and consulting firms.

ECI assists executives achieve concrete sustainable results that propel their organizations and careers to the next level of excellence. With a global mindset, ECI combines best practices in executive coaching, organizational consulting and leadership development to help meet unique needs of senior-level leaders. ECI provides its executives with the latest advances in brain science research to help them create innovative strategies to succeed in today's global economy.

We provide the experience, tools, processes and programs that will help organization’s corporate executives increase performance by aligning personal, team and organizational efforts. ECI helps organizations implement diversity initiatives and socially consciousness decisions for their communities.

ECI draws from an elite team of "certified" professional coaches, consultants and neuroscientists with substantail leadership track records, as well as expertise in ECI’s international business consulting. Their collective knowledge and experiences which stem from a variety of industries, cultures and subject matter areas provide rich sources of expertise from which ECI can draw to assist its clients on a project by project basis.

ECI has consistently gained respect among world-class executives facing high-stake global challenges across a spectrum of industries from high technology companies to financial services.

They Include:

MedImmune Capital One NASA Northrup Grumman Disney Motorola
Unisys Marriott US Senate Exxon IFC/World Bank/IMF Avon
Firestone HMSHost IBM PepsiCo Aspen Institute Intelsat


The Founder

Abigail K. WennerAbigail K. Wenner MA, PCC is an international business consultant and certified executive coach. She is president and CEO of Executive Consulting International (ECI).  ECI provides cutting edge strategies, including those based on the latest advances in brain science research, to organizations seeking to develop extraordinary leaders. Ms. Wenner interacts with the organization’s executives to help them establish innovative corporate initiatives to keep pace with the whirlwind of technological, economic and environmental changes affecting the world today.


Ms. Wenner works with the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), senior executives, emerging leaders, governing boards and teams and assists them to develop leadership styles that become legacies to emulate. Her distinctive approach, which combines neuroscience to enhance memory and thinking, with domestic and international business strategies, equips her clients with a unique perspective. In addition, Ms. Wenner helps develop her client’s capacity to be a creative pro-active decision maker. These skills are critical to respond to the changing global economy and essential to outperform competitors and succeed in the 21st century.


What sets Ms. Wenner apart is her ability to personally relate to the high stake challenges and pressures facing her clients since for years she had worked as a corporate executive and faced these same demands. These insights helped her formulate a unique and powerful coaching model which her clients have described as, "life changing," “transformational," and "pivotal,” to achieving their goals. She skillfully links her work to include quantifiable results that are reflected in corporate profitability and a positive return on investment (ROI) while embracing business ethics and corporate social responsibility.

Abigail K. Wenner’s clients attribute their distinction as industry leaders, to her proprietary leadership models, “BRAIN™ and "Innovate to Succeedtm". “BRAIN™ (Brain Research Advances in Neuroscience),” which she has developed from brain science research presently being conducted at Harvard, Colombia, MIT and the National Institutes of Health. The model provides long term and sustainable changes to thinking and behavior which facilitates an executive's ability to achieve remarkable business results. Ms. Wenner designed "Innovate to Succeedtm" also using brain based precepts, to create a powerful collaborative tool that helps generate innovative ideas to sustain corporate growth and profitability.

Ms. Wenner's brain based executive coaching, consulting and facilitation helps leaders with the following:

Strategic Thinking

  • Strategies that challenge thinking to produce innovative corporate policies  
  • Creative solutions to unforeseen or newly encountered corporate roadblocks
  • Environmental, social & governance initiatives to create long term corporate value
  • Generational dynamics, executive transitions & succession planning
  • Executive on-boarding programs to ensure successful transitions and integration
  • Beneficial retirement strategies for the organization and “baby boomer”

Business Performance

  • Master negotiating, mediation and conflict resolution
  • Teams that encourage diverse points of view using action learning techniques
  • Providing organization and teams with explicit process for issue resolution
  • Balancing short and long term financial initiatives for competitive  advantage
  • Building cohesive virtual teams by encouraging productive questioning
  • Managing international joint ventures
  • Global business protocol to build cultural awareness & bridge cultural differences


    • Woman leadership, diversity & mentoring
    • Authentic, transparent & holistic leadership to increase collaboration & trust
    • Managing overwhelming workloads, stress & work-life balance
    • Navigating mid-life career change
    • Persuasive communication & public speaking
    • Embracing risks & uncertainty as conduit to innovation and competitive advantage
    • Developing foresight & large picture perspective to ensure long term viability
    • Acquire insight, foster motivation and improve decision making


Ms. Wenner’s clients and associations vary by industry and organizational size from Fortune 50 companies to small venture capital firms. Additionally, ECI represents foreign based executive coaching & consulting firms seeking a presence in the US marketplace.

She has published articles and spoken at numerous conferences and meetings both domestically and abroad, on subjects relating to excelling as a leader in a global economy by incorporating the latest findings in brain science research to achieve breakthrough results.

Though ECI is a for profit corporation, as part of its mission, it provides domestic or global pro-bono coaching. For every new coaching engagement it receives, ECI will provide pro-bono coaching to small and entrepreneurial ventures. Additionally, Ms. Wenner established a not for profit mentorship program for Washington, D.C. inner-city high school students. She teaches them leadership and organizational skills to use as they pursue their educational and vocational interests.

Ms. Wenner:

  • Holds a master’s degree (MA) in international finance and economics from The Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS)
  • Completed post graduate work at Harvard University in executive leadership, conflict resolution, negotiation and mediation
  • Graduated from Georgetown University’s Leadership Coaching Certificate Program
  • Awarded Professional Certified Coach (PCC) Credential from ICF\
  • Certified to administer The Leadership Circle assessments
  • Is a qualified administrator of the Myers-Briggs Inventory (MBTI)
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) trained Practitioner
  • Certified in the Cultural Orientations Indicator (COI) and the Cultural Orientations Model (COM), global assessment tools to build cultural awareness
  • Trained in Action Learning Techniques for teams which provides a format to resolve critical organizational issues and come up with innovative ideas
  • Certified in the Conflict Dynamics Profile, a tool for conflict behaviors at work
  • Certified in the Center of Creative Leadership’s (CCL) 360-degree feedback assessment tools including, Executive Dimensions and Benchmarks
  • Neuroleadership practitioner trained in neuroscienctific and brain based leadership strategies
  • Trained in Adult Development Theory
  • Faculty Member Cognitive Neuroscience Society