Friday, April 19, 2019

Brain Based Coaching

Brain Based Coaching Neuroleadership

Many analytically minded executives want to understand and learn how they can use the latest advances in brain science research to help them achieve the highest levels of success. Leaders today must be innovative and ready to change old corporate ways. If they want to keep their organizations competitive and profitable they must improve their decision making and leadership abilities to create these necessary changes. The BRAINtm model provides a neuroscientific approach to coaching and by utilizing this brain based coaching process executives will bring about the changes they desire for themselves and their organizations.

Change is difficult. Trying to change any hardwired habit requires a lot of effort. Change also brings on fear and uncertainty so the more we try to make people change the more they push back. If however we employ a method that incorporates asking powerful questions which will generate awareness, insights and solutions, the resistance to change dissipates. This process, which includes directing focused attention on the solution, helps create new neural connections. This provides the physical changes to the brain needed to achieve the leader’s desired outcomes for themselves and their organizations.

The field of Neurleadership links these neuroscientific precepts, which promote sustainable changes to their thinking and behavior, with leadership strategies that find solutions to achieve greater productivity. When you understand how your brain functions you find yourself noticing things you wouldn't otherwise regard. You see things fresh,as if you see yourself and your organizational role for the very first time. Leaders who learn about the brain gain an edge to solve problems, make decisions, manager emotions, collaborate and drive change. Neuroleadership, and the neuroscience research it incorporates, will be a significant factor in reshaping how we define leadership and select our future leaders.