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Small tugboats are able to turn huge ocean liners, by first making contact with them while going in the same direction as the liner, then gradually nudging them to become aware of the new direction it must take to reach its harbor. Similarly, ECI partners with its clients to help them become aware of and implement those new behaviors necessary to navigate successfully towards their professional goals. It is ECI’s exceptional consulting and executive coaching services that provide smart, highly successful executives with a thinking partner to help them achieve their most challenging business goals to excel in today’s multicultural world.

ECI’s  Executive Coaching and Consulting Services

Executive Consulting - LeadershipECI services organizations by working with their Boards, CEOs and senior executives who are facing high stake challenges and are determined to overcome them. ECI helps them achieve their goals by increasing their awareness of leadership behaviors and long-standing ineffectual habits and replaces them with innovative thinking and improved decision making capabilities.

What has proven more important than a company’s physical assets and capital structure and comprises eighty-five percent of a company’s market value is found within its intangible assets or its human capital. Thus, to maintain a competitive edge in our global society, a company needs to invest and develop this asset base. ECI provides those organizations, who expend resources on executive improvement, a return on investment (ROI) that clearly can be measured in business results.

ECI’s clients average a ROI from their executive coaching to be around eight times of the initial investment. These concrete, quantifiable results are directly linked to an organization achieving its key business goals such as executive productivity improvement, executive retention, creating innovative strategies, managing conflicts, producing effective teams, implementing diversity initiatives and promoting social impact.

Brain Based Coaching/Neuroleadership


With a better understanding of how the brain functions executives will be able to learn, change and develop needed skills to make decisions under pressure, solve complex problems, negotiate a transaction and control impulsivity. It will help the executive to know why and what techniques to use to manage stress, frustration and memory loss, which effects thinking and performance.

Neuroscience research will be a significant factor in reshaping how we define leadership and we are just beginning to understand its profound effect on leaders' success.  Leaders who learn to use their brains effectively will develop the ability to control their emotions, reshape their thinking, create innovative ideas and insights that will help them and their organizations flourish, in ways they never could have imagined.

ECI achieves remarkable results from its executive coaching and attributes its success to its proprietary leadership model, “BRAIN™ (Brain Research Advances in Neuroscience),”  which was developed from brain science research presently being conducted at Harvard, MIT, Colombia and the National Institutes of Health. The model provides long term and sustainable changes to thinking and behavior which facilitate an executive's ability to achieve desired business goals. It crosses through cultural, racial and gender barriers. This state of the art process provides an executive with the ability to think in such innovative ways that it can help their organizations outperform their competitors.  

Innovate to Succeedtm

A powerful tool that creates dynamic opportunities for organizations striving to maintain a competitive edge. Through a systematic format, a team works collaboratevly, to generate innovative ideas to provide companies with future oriented strategies for growth. The process is unique in its ability to enhance creativity and improve decision making, both of which, are important components to ensure corporate productivity and profitability. Incorporating this process is critical for those companies aspiring to maintain or become an industry leader in today's economy.


ECI’s executive coaching and consulting expertise helps leaders develop innovative strategies and competence in the following areas:

    Executive Coaching

  • Innovative strategies to reshape and update corporate policies                      
  • Tools to resolve critical and often unforeseen corporate crises
  • Fear of change, disruptive habits and memory freeze
  • Cultivate insights, a key ingredient to improve decision making and problem solving
  • Authentic communication to build employee motivation & productivity                  
  • Generational dynamics, executive transitions & succession planning
  • Navigating mid-life career change
  • Beneficial retirement strategies for the organization and “baby boomer”
  • Woman leadership, diversity & mentoring
  • Master negotiating, mediation and conflict resolution


  • Environmentally & socially responsible investment opportunities
  • Techniques to prioritize the overwhelm of unrelenting workloads
  • Managing time, stress & work-life balance
  • Teamwork efficiency using action learning techniques
  • Building cohesive virtual teams
  • Persuasive communication and public speaking
  • Seamless transitions for corporate mergers, acquisitions & private equity placement
  • Managing international joint ventures
  • Global business protocol

Global expertise

Executive LeadershipFor those companies with multi cultural work forces ECI provides global assessment tools to bridge cross cultural conflicts. Through storytelling and real life examples, Ms. Wenner assists individuals, teams and organizations to gain an understanding of international cultural differences and their effect on business negotiation, conflict resolution and communication styles.


Working with Teams

Executive Teamwork

ECI identifies criteria for team success and develops team structure through the powerful use of action learning techniques.  Action learning is an outstanding,  state of the art, structured and time efficient process that resolves critical work problems for teams. It eliminates endless hours of wrestling with issues that more times than not remain unresolved. Instead ECI replaces ineffectual team meetings with a process that provides clarity and concrete actions all within an hour’s time.

ECI also provides organizations with an explicit, state of the art process that helps teams explore, conceive and ultimately generate innovative ideas. Creating innovative business solutions are critical for  companies seeking to command a global competitive advantage.

Executive Consulting International


ECI professionals are frequently asked to speak at conferences, seminars and business retreats. Its CEO, Abigail K. Wenner, is a vibrant and charismatic speaker and routinely addresses US corporate executives on how to successfully do business in today’s global economy and command a competitive advantage by using the latest advances in brain science research to improve decision making. Additionally, ECI highlights the importance of creating innovative strategies to promote corporate social responsibility to improve an organization’s bottom line. 

The ProcessNeuroleadership

Through ECI’s executive coaching and consulting services, organizations achieve these concrete quantifiable results. ECI ensures that the leaders are aligned with both the organization’s vision and values.

ECI provides one on one coaching to executives in areas they have identified as vital to their effectiveness or future performance. This highly personal process optimizes their leadership capabilities which they sustain by referencing their individual development plans (IDP) created for them throughout the coaching process to achieve their goals. This includes ECI drawing from 360-degree feedback which is presented in a unique and collaborative format along with other assessment tools. All of  this is  designed to build an executive’s self-awareness to improve performance.

ECI uses many assessment tools, some of which are listed below:

  • Is a qualified administrator of the Myers-Briggs Inventory (MBTI) & skilled in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  • Certified in the Cultural Orientations Indicator (COI) and the Cultural Orientations Model (COM), global assessment tools to build cultural awareness
  • Certified in the Conflict Dynamics Profile a tool for conflict behaviors in the workplace
  • Is certified to administer the Center for Creative Leadership’s (CCL) 360-degree feedback assessment tools including, Executive Dimensions and Benchmarks

Typically, a coaching engagement ranges anywhere between six months to two years and can include ongoing refresher coaching, if so desired by the executive and organization. Sessions are face to face and augmented with phone calls and emails. In addition, ECI has developed coaching services for immediate and short term crisis situations and can tailor a coaching program to fit the needs of the organization. 


Executive Partnership

More than 95% of senior level executives, “C” suite executives and Boards state that they are more satisfied with their leadership effectiveness and rank executive coaching from an external coach as key to their success. Those senior executives, coached by ECI’s unique and powerful coaching model, have described the results as, "life changing," “transformational," and "pivotal,” to achieving their goals.

The CEO of a multinational technology company wrote, “The coaching I received from ECI’s President, Abigail K. Wenner far exceeded my expectations. Her unique approach that combined business, leadership and neuroscience strategies helped me become aware of critical changes needed to update our corporate structure. The restructuring ultimately was responsible for our company regaining its global position in the market.”

“As a corporate board member, I appreciated that ECI’s executive coaching and consulting efforts, to diffuse challenging conflicts between a Board of Directors and a senior management team, directly translated into tangible financial benefits that enhanced shareholder value. It was conducted with the utmost professionalism and strict confidentiality.” Excerpted from the minutes of board of directors meeting of a leading US energy firm.

“As CFO of a large financial institution, I was responsible for leading a team of the best and brightest to generate innovative strategies to combat the financial crisis threatening the viability of our company. It was ECI’s collaborative, hour long process, that provided the structure and format that was vital to our ability to produce the innovative ideas that led to our survival.” Quoted from CFO’s quarterly update presented to senior management.