Friday, April 19, 2019

In an era of globalization and rapid technological advances, organizations face unprecedented challenges. To keep pace with these changes, only those companies whose leaders understand the importance of combining business acumen with innovative thinking will emerge as winners in this new global environment. Executive Consulting International, (ECI) provides corporations and their executives with cutting edge and creative strategies necessary to succeed in the complex world of the 21st century. 

ECI provides CEOs, boards of directors and senior executives with executing coaching and consulting services that help them to further excel and direct their organizations to achieve and sustain a global competitive advantage. What sets ECI apart from other firms is in their unique approach to develop tomorrows' leaders by combining recent breakthroughs in brain science research, that improve their decision making capabilities and performance, with innovative business strategies and leadership ingenuity. ECI is also distinguished as a leader in the field of Neuroleadership, which provides executives with the ability to understand, influence and utilize their brain in superior ways to improve their leadership capabilities and enhance corporate success. Furthermore, ECI provides these executives with unprecendented results that can be directly linked to corporate profitability, shareholder value and a positive return on investment (ROI).

ECI’s clients attribute their unparrelled transformations to ECI's proprietary leadership models, “BRAIN™ (Brain Research Advances in Neuroscience),” and to "Innovate to Succeedtm" which its founder, Abigail K. Wenner deveolped. The "BRAINtm" model provides long term and sustainable changes to thinking and behavior which facilitate an executive's ability to achieve remarkable business results.. "Innovate to Succeedtm" provides a unique format that helps organizations systematically generate innovative ideas, critical to sustaining growth and a competitive advantage in today's economy.

ECI's President & CEO, Abigail K. Wenner along with her superlative team of coaches and advisors provide the following Executive Coaching and Consulting Services:

Executive Coaching

  • Innovative strategies to reshape and update corporate policies                      
  • Tools to resolve critical and often unforeseen corporate crises
  • Fear of change, disruptive habits and memory freeze
  • Cultivate insights, a key ingredient, to improve decision making and problem solving
  • Authentic communication to build employee motivation & productivity                  
  • Generational dynamics, executive transitions & succession planning
  • Navigating mid-life career change
  • Beneficial retirement strategies for the organization and “baby boomer”
  • Woman leadership, diversity & mentoring
  • Master negotiating, mediation and conflict resolution


  • Environmentally & socially responsible investment opportunities
  • Techniques to prioritize the overwhelm of unrelenting workloads
  • Managing time, stress & work-life balance
  • Teamwork efficiency using action learning techniques
  • Building cohesive virtual teams
  • Persuasive communication and public speaking
  • Seamless transitions for corporate mergers, acquisitions & private equity placement
  • Managing international joint ventures
  • Global business protocol

A new generation of leaders is reshaping the best-led global companies. The current mode of top down or hierarchical leadership, where delegating limited amounts of power and autonomy in order to retain control, is outmoded. In the 21st century the most successful leaders will focus on aligning and empowering people around finding genuine satisfaction and meaning from their work. This leader will be authentic, believe in the company’s mission and values, provide employees with autonomy, focus on the customers not just on short term returns and include socially-valuable corporate projects. These initiatives will produce motivated, creative and engaged employees and is the key to an organization's ability to thrive in the future. ECI works hand in hand with these leaders to help them move in this direction to achieve their desired results.